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As I watch my four-year-old grandson play beneath a cloudless sky with the sun

warming his rosy cheeks, I am reminded of how precious his endless love is and

how it expands my heart each day. Motherhood is a nurturing and challenging title

that is shared by women around the world as they instill in their children the family

traditions of their culture. As a mother myself, I understand the sacrifice, heartache,

and rewards of raising a child. I think of how strong mothers are and how much they

cope with each day, even when pale with exhaustion. I think of the hidden tears, the

ready-made smile, and the lost dreams as they never stop making sure their child

feels safe, protected, and loved. Mothers are admirable and beautiful women - the

teachers of a precious life. I honor the mothers that shaped us into being the

mothers we are today, and I admire the love and passion we give our children, for it

is within that gift that they find their meaning and purpose in life.

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