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Literary Beginnings..

Paula is a respected teacher and loved by family, friends, and colleagues. Through her work, she has touched the lives of thousands of children and students. She was an elementary classroom teacher for 27 years, principal designee for 13, and counselor to highrisk high school students involved in drugs and gangs. She often said, “I never met a child I couldn’t love or help or guide, for every child is a treasure that longs to be valued, heard, and encouraged.” She was honored as Teacher of the Year in Tucson, Arizona, and acknowledged in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers – The Best Teachers in America by the Best Students.

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Upcoming Projects In The Works

Paula has been working on a series of books called Pumpkins To The Rescue, which she hopes will become a family tradition each October. She has always loved Halloween when it stirs the imagination, and fall brings to life her beloved pumpkins. Reading her books and activities, finding your pumpkin, naming it, and knowing it will return to you each year will create intimate and lasting moments. Stay tuned as Paula and her literary and PR agent, Tia Greene, find the right publisher to bring these delightful, heartfelt stories to your doorstep.

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