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If I Could Plant One Seed Of Love

Let’s face it, the thought of spring inspires hope, energy, and the excitement of the unexpected as the sun warms our face, and when in the coolness of shade how we remember winter's reflections and the promise we made to change our lives. One of the greatest gifts that my father gave me was to view life with humor, imagination, and creativity. My mother’s wish was to empower me as a woman with higher education, individuality, and the strength to stay true to the core values that defined me.

As the first day of spring approaches, I think of my father's birthday and a poem he wrote when I was a young child living in St. Paul, Minnesota. It was a favorite of mine, and I wish to share how the power of his words affected my life.

If I Could Plant One Seed Of Love by Edward Henry Schmitt

If I could plant one seed

of love

where only hate has grown.

If I can comfort just

one soul

that fears to stand alone.

If I can voice a single


to beckon those who stray.

My life shall brim with happiness

as I go on my way.

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