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Gifts Of Power Through The Ways Of Animals

Whenever I couldn’t find my father while living at home in Tucson, Arizona, he would be among his treasured books in his library. He studied many religions and philosophies, never limiting his thoughts, always aware that something could be learned from the simplest or most complex idea or belief. He raised my sister and me to have an open mind, and that gift allowed us to enjoy a broader perspective of life. 

My sister, Linda, and I would often explore metaphysical bookstores. As we entered a new shop Linda moved toward the astrology section. She was fascinated by the study of the movements of the planets, sun, moon, and stars in the belief that these movements can influence people’s lives. Years later, Linda would become one of the ten best astrologers in the world. While standing in the middle of the store, undecided on which direction to take, I spotted a Native American woman with two small twin girls. When I smiled at her daughters, they left their mother, ran toward me, and hugged my legs. I began to laugh and spoke to them. The mother approached and instead of scolding the girls for hugging a strange woman, the four of us enjoyed conversing amid the twin’s giggles. I was always fascinated with the history of the Native Americans and how nature was their teacher. I never forgot that moment and the message the woman gave me. She intuitively knew I would be accepting of what she had to say. 

“Your power animal is Wolf. My girls have Wolf power. They see it in you. You were born to be a teacher, pathfinder, innovator, and self-starter. You may not have developed these talents yet, but you will.” We spoke for a few more minutes and then said our goodbyes. 

Years later, I would realize how much wolf power I had in me. My love for children was apparent in the 27 years I taught school, mostly 6th, 4th, and 2nd grade, and the innovative way I dealt with troubled children as a teacher and principal designee. Wolf energy empowers the teacher to aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life. Now I know why I was meant to write my children’s story series, Pumpkins To The Rescue. It’s all about love, friendship, the mystery of life, and keeping children safe. It always amazes me how when we look back at our lives, we can see more clearly why we chose the path we did.

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