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Babies Of 9/11 Are An Inspiration Of Hope

The children born during the year 9/11 are now graduating during the coronavirus. Many of their stories are very inspiring. Some say they are destined for greatness, and research shows they are strong and courageous, ready to enjoy a new chapter in their life with hope and kindness instead of fear. They are determined to carry the hope they learned in a world transformed by history and a pandemic to others.

During the pandemic, many seniors lost confidence and were discouraged when unable to experience their senior year in the fashion they imagined. Like 9/11, there was no warning that 3/11 would be their last day of normalcy in the schools. Separation from friends and extended family made them feel isolated. During this journey, many discovered if they stayed locked in their past, it prevented them from adjusting to new challenges, both good and bad. They learned to withstand uncertainty by not allowing fear to control them. These young people who have risen above threatening challenges carry the wisdom and strength to be future leaders. Growth comes from not living in the shadows but in the light where we see the world more clearly. The right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint creates respect for differences and unites us all. During the coronavirus, the 9/11 young men and women showed insight and strength as they held on to the core values that animate our society.

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