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A Writer’s Freedom OF Expression

The Fourth of July is about to display spectacular fireworks, a reminder of how precious

our freedoms are in a country that fought so valiantly for them. What I experienced as a

world traveler opened my eyes to the privilege we have in America to act, speak, or think

as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Words are powerful, and they can be life-

changing. I love to pick up a book and lose myself in history, where the characters live

the life lessons I need to learn. I try to witness life, reflect on what my senses experience,

and it is in that awareness that my imagination and insight take me on a journey that I

often wish to share. As a teacher and writer, I learned how powerful thoughts are and

what a responsibility it is on how we share ideas. With my pen in hand, I have the

freedom to transform the world I wish to create, where my characters can shift their

perspective, meet their challenges, and widen their choices, or stay stuck in what they are

too comfortable to change. To enjoy the freedom of a writer, I must flow with life,

research what I can’t experience, question what I don't understand, and be comfortable with the values and beliefs that guide my choices. As I witness life, it keeps me open and in touch with reality, and that clarity allows me to write about people, places, and events that are not limited by the social expectations around us.

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Paula, I so enjoy your writings as they are filled with beautifully expressed wisdom❣️Nancy Hilton Scherr ✈️🌎✈️

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