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Yoga & Meditation

In the late 70s, my sister, Linda, and I decided it would benefit us to learn how to meditate, not as easy as it sounds. I doubt if we will ever leave behind desire, fear, confusion, and pass into a state of enlightenment and freedom, but the peace I find through meditation, and the messages I have received are amazing.

Years later, I began practicing the benefits of physical yoga, Richard Hittleman’s 28-day exercise plan. I soon learned that Hatha Yoga is concerned with the health and beauty of the organism as a unified whole. Whenever life pulls me from my daily exercises, I am always surprised by how less flexible I am when I return to its benefits.

Before each daily exercise, Richard Hittleman offers thoughts of the day and on the 19th Day, I was reading about, “The Beautiful Woman.” I have to share with you the wisdom of his words.

“Physical beauty is an external expression of the spirit. It grows and is cultivated internally and without conscious effort, it is manifested externally. Therefore, only a woman who has discovered her true nature, her “self”, can be truly beautiful. Genuine beauty is all-encompassing and is present not only in physical appearance but in movement, voice, thought, and feeling.

A beautiful woman radiates from within, her complexion glows and her eyes shine. Her movements and gestures are poised and graceful, they flow with a natural rhythm. The entire body of a self-realized woman will be beautiful because she is deeply aware of her inner beauty and this awareness is transferred to all who come in contact with her. The humility, compassion, and love of a beautiful woman are genuine, and a mystical quality is present in her aura. As you awaken and cultivate the great reservoir of life force that lies within you, indescribable positive changes will occur and you begin to experience an unimagined beauty, not only on the physical level but in all aspects of your life.”

As I have traveled the world and have seen the many different types of beauty that encompass women, I realize that with maturity comes a responsibility to pass on this awareness of eternal beauty to the next generation of young women. Our feminine energy traits are affiliated with nurturing, receptivity, love, compassion, and care. What priceless gifts we have to share.

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