A Cosmic View
Written by Paula Wesselmann on 12/3/2012

My sister, Linda Joyce, has been practicing astrology for over twenty years. She is known throughout the world and has two published books – “The Day You Were Born” and “The Star Within.” She writes daily Coffee Thoughts that I always enjoying reading. They’re part of my morning introspection. Her blog is A Cosmic View http://acosmicview.blogspot.com. Check it out. It’s worth a click on your computer. Since Linda and I are writing a book about our Pan Am experiences as stewardesses, during the late sixties, some of her quotes stir-up delightful and vivid memories from that unique and special time. This quote in particular made me instantly think of Pan Am. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” – Mark Twain. Traveling the world with Pan Am changed how we thought about ourselves and how we viewed the world. As Linda said, “When you’re out of your comfort zone you see everything differently.” Pan Am not only gave women an amazing career, but it taught us lifelong skills that changed our lives forever. We were trained to be the perfect hostess and to think on our feet during an emergency or when corralled by handsome men. When Linda and I finish our book “First Class,” you’ll know why I keep smiling. 

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